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Important Purchasing Information

If you are buying your trip online, there are a few steps we need you to take so that we can identify who bought the trip and you will not get overcharged.

First, you will need a google account of some type. This is because google is the one charging the credit cards, it will appear on your statement as GOOGLE * UM Ski Club.

When you buy your trip, you MUST designate a t-shirt size or we will assume that you are a large.

When you are on the page with the billing and shipping information, fill out the billing information appropriate to the credit card you are using. For shipping information we need the following things to be present: Your full name (first and last as it appears on a passport or enhanced ID); for the second line in the address field, we need your uniqname; and for phone number we need a cell phone number we can reach you at.

If you have any questions about the new system or are confused, email Megan at and she can solve them for you.