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Fall 2014
Introduction to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BIOL171)

Winter 2014
Genetics (BIO305)

Winter 2013

Fall 2012
Evolutionary Genetics Seminar (EEB800)

Winter 2012
Genetics (BIO305)
Principles of Evolution(EEB516)
Genetics, Development, and Evolution (EEB404/MCDB404)

Winter 2011
Genetics (BIO305)
Principles of Evolution (EEB516)

Winter 2010
Genetics (BIO305)

Winter 2009
Pre-tenure teaching release

Winter 2008
Genetics (BIO305)
Genetics, Development, and Evolution (EEB404/MCDB404)
Guest lecture: Developmental Biology (CDB580), Molecular Systematics (EEB512)

Winter 2007
Genetics (BIO305)
Evolution and Development (EEB401)

Fall 2006
Experimental models in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB 614)
Guest lecture: Genetic Analysis (HumGent632)

Winter 2006
Genetics (BIO305)
Guest lecture: Principles of Evolution (EEB 516)
Outreach: Saturday Seminars for Outstanding High School Juniors
Society of Biology Students (UM undergraduate group)

Materials for outreach activities: DNA extraction, Gene mapping activity

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Independent research for undergrads:
BIO200, EEB300, EEB400, MCDB300, MCDB400

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