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russian careersThe Michigan RSA represents students majoring in every professional and liberal arts field under the sun! Our organization includes people from business, engineering, medicine, law, as well as many LS&A concentrations, and we are all eager to share our knowledge and experience to help guide like-minded peers who share our interest in Russian culture. Many of our members have progressed pretty far in their degrees, in fact, our membership boasts a number of Michigan graduate students, and many of us can be considered young experts in our respective fields of expertise. As a new member, you should feel free seek out fellow RSA members in your area of interest and solicit their advice, we are always glad to consult other students, especially fellow members of our beloved RSA!

Conversely, you may be an incoming student needing a little direction with your career path. Wouldn't it be nice to get some friendly advice from older students who represent a wide range of majors and academic interests? You can even feel free to set up an appointment to meet with a fellow Russian upperclassman or graduate student to discuss possible career paths, and job hunting methods. The following are some of the topics that we have can help you with:

- Resume help
- Internship ideas
- Interview tips
- Career consultation
- General job search strategies

All of our members share a commitment to education and lifelong success in any professional field of study, and we enjoy sharing our experience with eager new members. With the resources of Michigan, and the close community of the Russian Speakers Association, your possibilities for career search and professional advancement are indeed endless!

Show some initiative, take action, and doors of opportunity will open before you. Remember, keep your eye on the prize, choose your goals wisely, commit to timely execution of your plans, and the world will open up to you!






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