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Michigan vs. Georgia

  • Michigan and Georgia lining up to take the draw and start todays set of games. This is the first of two games today for the Wolverines Sunday, April 10
  • Georgia jumps to a quick lead, scoring one just a minute into the game. Georgia up 1-0 Sunday, April 10
  • Georgia still up 1-0 as play continues to go back and forth. Michigan currently in control in the offensive end Sunday, April 10
  • 10 minutes into the game Michigan is still down 1-0 to Georgia Sunday, April 10
  • Emmy Scheidt makes a save but Georgia grabs the rebound and puts it in to go up 2-0 with 18 minutes left in the first half Sunday, April 10
  • Michigan is on the board with a goal from Sam Zetlin at the 16 minute mark. Georgia up 2-1 Sunday, April 10
  • Georgia scores their 3rd to go up 3-1 with 11 minutes remaining in the half Sunday, April 10
  • The lead stretches to 3 as Georgia takes a 4-1 lead. 7 minutes left to play in the half Sunday, April 10
  • Michigan takes a timeout with 6 minutes left after Georgia scores another to go up 5-1 Sunday, April 10
  • Georgia picks up a yellow card which leads to a Sam Zetlin goal, cutting the lead to just 3. Georgia now up 5-2 with 4 minutes left Sunday, April 10
  • Michigan really taking advantage of the yellow card, putting in their second to make it 5-3. Jess Stanley with the goal this time Sunday, April 10
  • Just as Georgia returns to even strength they pick up their second yellow card. One minute left in the half, Georgia in control Sunday, April 10
  • The half ends with Georgia ahead 5-3. Great half by both sides Sunday, April 10
  • The second half is underway. Georgia still has a yellow card for the first 1:40 of the half. Michigan looks to capitalize on the advantage Sunday, April 10
  • Georgia scores the first of the half to go up 6-3 Sunday, April 10
  • Michigan answers back as Britt Boehm dishes it to Ani Shekerjian for the goal. 6-4 at the 22 minute mark Sunday, April 10
  • Jess Stanley cuts the lead down to just 1, making the score 6-5 with a goal off an 8 meter. Georgia takes a timeout, 18 minutes left to play Sunday, April 10
  • Sam Zetlin ties it up with her third goal, finishing her hat-trick to even the score at 6 with 12 minutes remaining Sunday, April 10
  • After a controversial call takes away what would have been a Michigan goal, UM comes right back and scores two. Martin and Zetlin with... Sunday, April 10
  • the goals, Jess Stanley with both assists. Also, both goals were scored while shorthanded. Michigan holds an 8-6 lead with 6 minutes left Sunday, April 10
  • Michigan goes up 3 at the 3 minute mark as Captain Rachel Killian scores her first goal, Michigan's 9th. Wolverines up 9-6 with 2 mins left Sunday, April 10
  • Michigan takes the win in this contest, beating a great Georgia team 9-6. Next and final game is at 1:00 today Sunday, April 10