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To close out the fall season, Michigan Lacrosse took a different approach to its final scheduled practice. Instead of running laps in Oosterbaan Fieldhouse, the team got their cardio in while participating in a scavenger hunt that required groups to complete tasks while running to various locations around campus.

Highlights from the assignment list included campus classics such as spinning the 2,400 lb cube between the Michigan Union and Student Activities Building and doing backwards lunges across the Diag. Point values were assigned to each task based on its difficulty. 

Teams earned five points for taking a picture inside a restaurant kitchen, in a bathtub, inside the library, or posing with a men's lacrosse player. More difficult (read: embarrassing) tasks netted twenty points and included performing the "Little Sally Walker" dance inside of a fraternity and sword-fighting with day-old bread at Jimmy Johns. (See complete list).

In a contest that was decided on a technicality, the group of Amy Johnson, Jess Stanley, Jenna Weinberg, Ashley Felber, Hillary Handelsman, and Maddie Sullivan won with 180 points. Britt Boehm, Holly Roberts, Claire Gadra , Emmy Scheidt, and Melissa Oddo also finished with 180 points but were disqualified for taking advantage of the great bus system run by the University of Michigan.

While the scavenger hunt was designed to encourage team bonding while providing a physical workout, there was much more at stake with this competitive group. "It's always nice to be part of a winning team, especially when bragging rights are on the line for an entire year," said Senior Amy Johnson. "Our keys to victory - besides sheer determination - had to be roommates who would take pictures of us in a bathtub without asking questions and Jenna having friends sitting in the Diag to videotape us doing backwards lunges."

"Oh - and not cheating and taking the bus..."

As for a team MVP? That award goes to Freshman Maddie Sullivan as nominated by her teammates for her unforgettable rendition of the Little Sally Walker Dance.

View photos from the hunt