Small Group Bible Studies

Everyone is encouraged to participate in one of our small group Bible Studies (or just “small groups” for short). Small groups generally meet once a week for one and a half hours, and have a discussion format. They are typically facilitated by a fellow grad student. Small groups are an excellent avenue through which to discover the truth in God's Word and how it applies to our lives. They are also a great way to make lasting friendships.

We welcome you to try one out. If you would like to be in a small group Bible study or if you would like more details, just contact one of the small group leaders. For any and all other questions, please contact Aaron Snook.

Tuesday Night (8:15pm - 9:30pm)

Location: 315 Orchard Hills Dr.
This group of graduate students and young professionals is reading the gospel of John. We meet on Tuesday nights starting Sept. 10 after the Lindquist dinners at the Lindquist's home.

Wednesday Night (7:00pm - 9:00pm)

Location: 2891 Hawks Ave, Ann Arbor, 48108
This group is studying the Sermon on the Mount. Newcomers encouraged!

Wednesday Night (7:30pm)

1025 Island Drive Ct. Apt. 104
This group is meeting for dinner this week to discuss what book to read this semester.

Men of Valor

Location: Trotter Multicultural Center (parking in back)
This is a Bible Study through our Black Scholars and Progessionals (BSAP) chapter. It meets on Tuesdays at the Trotter Multicultural Center from 6:30-8:00pm. (Parking is in the back.) Newcomers welcome for Fall 2013!

Women of Substance

This is a Weekly Bible Study through our Black Scholars and Progessionals (BSAP) chapter. Please contact Melodie for date, time, location, and topic information.