"How to Build a Habitable Planet"
Geological Sciences 265 - 1998
Office hours
Course text
M W F, 10-11am, 1505 (and 3526) C.C. Little Building. 
Ben A. van der Pluijm ("say what?"), temporarily in 329 Dennison. 
M W 11am-12pm. 
HOW TO BUILD A HABITABLE PLANET, by W.S. Broecker, Eldigio Press, 1985.
Class Schedule and Class grades 
Class Assignments (with due dates) 
The Earth and Society web project, and webpages evaluation form 
The Community Service project at Re-Use Ann Arbor 
The slowly developing TerraForming project 
Email group of GS265: GS265001.list@umich.edu 
Class WebConference at http://calypso.rs.itd.umich.edu/COW/; check this site regularly !! 
Website: http://www.umich.edu/~gs265/index.html 
Email Ben using local email program or remote form, or go to Ben's homepage 
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Class Schedule
Date Topic
1/7 Introduction
  The Setting
1/19 no class: MLK day
  Raw Material
  Heavy Construction 
  The Schedule
  Contending with Neighbors 
2/27 Midterm exam (20 points)
2/28 - 3/8 Spring Break
  Interior Modifications
  Making it Comfortable and Hazards (self-study !)
3/13 Hand in draft paper (10 points)
3/23 Begin Team Presentations 
4/2 WebPublish paper 
4/24 End Team Presentations
4/25 Recycle Ann Arbor community project, 10am-1pm
4/27 Summary, email student grades of papers (10 points), and class evaluation
4/29 10:30-11:30am Hand-in/Email community project essay and Final Discussion
  Paper and Presentation (25 points)
  Class Attendance (.5 points per class)

Assignments and Hand-outsto TOP
GS 265, Assignment 1, hand-in by 1/12/98
1. Find the homepage of this class on the Web using your favorite browser, at http://www.umich.edu/~gs265/index.html. I design the pages with Netscape in mind, but Microsoft's Explorer should work equally well.
2. Hand in a print-out of the first page; write your name at the top if you do not have an identifying header or footer.

GS265, Assignment 2, by 1/21/98
1. Go to the class conference site (see above) and select GS265.
2. Leave a message under Topic 1 so that I know you could get in (I get an automatic email copy).

GS265, Assignment 3, email by 1/30/98
1. Create the "/Public/html" directory in your AFS space, using How to create a personal homepage description. The program "Telnet" can be used for this (the page offers and automatic link to this program), which is part of all machines running Windows95.
2. Make you own homepage.  You can use Netscape's interactive website to do this, located at http://home.netscape.com/home/gold4.0_wizard.html or use build-in Composer, or any editing program that you like (MS Office 97 suite includes a html editor for all programs, including MSWord).
Here is something that stumps many people: where to upload the file you created.  Your address on the server will look like this: login.itd.umich.edu/afs/umich.edu/user/v/d/vdpluijm/Public/html; substitute v/d/vdpluijm with your own uniqname (so, u/n/uniqname or j/l/jlennon, etc.).  This is a cumbersome address, but one that is saved on the computer that you use to create the page.  In Netscape you will place "ftp://" before the address when uploading, which identifies the "file transfer protocol".  Many free FTP programs are available for this as well (e.g., CuteFTP).  One advantage of using Netscape (or any site management program) is that it connects the images with the .htm file, so that all are uploaded together.
3. email your homepage address to Ben
We'll use Friday 1/23 for class instruction on how to make a page.

GS265, Assignment 4, Term papers, by 3/6
In order of preference (1 is top) select THREE possible topics from the list below for a term paper:
Society and

For each of the three topics selected, write a one-paragraph justification that describes why YOU should do this topic.  Based on these write-ups, I will create teams of two for each topic.
I need your lists and descriptions by late Friday afternoon (2/6/98).  Either hand-in a sheet during class or email me.  On Monday 2/9 I will announce the teams and their topics.

GS265, Assignment 5, draft by 3/13; final version by April 2 (on the web)
And the topics are:

1. Introduction - Ben van der Pluijm
2. Population Growth and Society Mindy Cheng and Kate Kennedy
3. Water and Society Bradley Kifferstein and David Krantz
4. Fossil Fuels and Society Osman Chugtai and Dave Shannon
5. Nuclear Energy and Society Jon Stone and Ilan Lipper
6. Ozone Layer and Society Joelle Busman and Cary Belen
7. Greenhouse Gases and Society Nick Hopwood and Jordan Cohen
8. Waste Disposal and Society Luke Bassis
9. Pollution and Society Carl Horwitz and Marisa Buchanan
10. Deforestation and Society Andy Rochen and Jocelyn Stock
11. Volcanoes and Society Sarah Getsinger and Erin Nalepa
12. Earthquakes and Society Courtney Brunious and Amanda Warner
13. Floods and Society Katy Pearce and Deborah Leib

Content and Style

GS265, Assignment 6 - Presentations, starting 3/23
Presentation Schedule For your presentation you can make use of many media, including overheads, slides, VCR, laserdisc, computer (+CD-ROM), WWW, class demonstrations, dress code, acting skills, creative expression, to mention but a few options.  Be creative, informative and fun.

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