What is the Japan Culture Festival?

Check out these photos from past Festivals!

  • 2017

    JCF 2017 was held on April 2nd, 2017 in North Quad!
  • 2018

    JCF 2018 was held on April 1st, 2018 in North Quad!

The Japan Culture Festival (JCF) is our premier and largest event, held in the winter semester every year. It’s a one-day jamboree that aims to showcase various aspects of Japanese culture through performances, food, games, and activities.

Each year JCF has a theme, such as Japanese fairy tales, architecture, or the four seasons. For 2018 we’re getting into our time machines and embarking on a historical adventure through the Edo, Meiji, Showa and Heisei periods of Japanese history. You’ll meet the brave samurais, iconic artists, shrewd politicians and hardworking laborers who built Japanese history.

We cater our food from the best Japanese restaurants in Ann Arbor and Novi and bring in brass bands, dancers, taiko drummers and other entertainers who will delight you with their performance. Our food and game booths are full of imaginative decorations and props that take the entire semester to prepare. The UM Japanese department and other Japan-related organizations in the area will also be there to introduce you to their program and activities.

People from all over southeastern Michigan come each year to attend JCF. It’s an event that not only promotes Japanese culture, but also showcases the vibrant communities, Japanese and non-Japanese, that make Ann Arbor and surrounding areas such a great place to live in.

So invite your friends and family and enjoy a day of all things Japan! If you’re a UM student, come to our prep sessions to get to know JSA better and contribute to the event.

We’ll see you on April 1st this year!

《日本まつり(Japan Culture Festival)》は、食・遊び・パフォーマンスなどを通じて日本の文化を体験し、日本をよりよく知ってもらうことを主旨としたJSA最大規模のイベントです。例年日本人外国人を問わずアナーバー、デトロイト、ノヴァイを中心に多くの方々にご来場いただいております。