Group Meeting Schedule

Group meetings are Fridays at 4:00 p.m. sharp in room A505 unless otherwise noted.

Date Presenter
May 25 Research Directions
June 8 John
June 15 Adam
June 29 Kori
July 13 Andy
July 20 Brad
July 27 Summer Student Symposium
August 3 Lloyd
Group Responsibilities  
UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer Brad Terry
Electrochemical Workstations & Battery Cyclers Adam Crowe
Nitrogen Glove Box Kori McDonald
Solvent Purification System Kori McDonald
Argon Glove Box Adam Crowe
Spray Pyrolysis Setup Andy Breuhaus-Alvarez
Gas Chromatograph Aaron Proctor
Photolysis, Spectral Response, and Oxygen Fluorescence Probe Andy Breuhaus-Alvarez
Microwave Reactor Kori McDonald
Balances, pH Meter, Centrifuge, Thinky Mixer Andy Breuhaus-Alvarez
Safety & Waste Aaron Proctor
Ovens & Furnaces Brad Terry
Refigerators and Freezers Aaron Proctor
Ordering Kori McDonald