Bartlett Group Spring 2020: Li, Bart, Nate, John, Aaron, Brad, Christian, Matt S, Matt W, Kori, Andy, and Josh

Short Movies Featuring  the Equipment and Techniques Used in the Bartlett Lab 

Recent News

July 30, 2020. Brad, John D, John C's paper on nitrate-assited benzyl alcohol oxidation on BiVO4 is accepted in ChemElectroChem

July 24, 2020. Aaron's paper on hydroxyl radical suppression on WO3|FeOOH electrodes is accepted in J. Phys. Chem. C. 

December 11, 2019. Aaron successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis, Metal Oxides as Photocatalysts for Selective Oxidations. Congratulations, Dr. Proctor! 

August 30, 2019. Kori's paper on photocatalytic alcohol oxidation on WO3 nanoplatelets is accepted in RSC Advances.

August 8, 2019. Kori wins a travel poster award at the 2019 Karle Symposium. Congratulations!

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