eRAM Release 2.0.5


A new lister has been added to the History tab on the Animal Use workspace, called Change History. This lister displays only Change Log entries and no other activities.
Animal use form Details and Contacts tabs updated to include all form (and transfer activity) data that was missing.
All animal use form workspace Details tabs are updated to display the room data when entered manually for an un-assigned location.

PI & Lab Personnel

USDA number is now only required for species Cat and Dog from the donating protocol on a Transfer Between U of M Protocols form.

The questions regarding Age and Weight for the animal use forms Notification of Delivery and Animal Purchase Requests have changed.

The Disable Edits activity by the UCUCA office will generate emails that are sent to PIs, Protocol Editors and Protocal Authorized Signers. The email includes comments entered by the UCUCA Office.
Help text added to the animal use form types Transfer Animals between UM Protocols and Transfer To/From Rodent Reuse Program. Displayed at the top of the main page in the yellow text box the following text:

"If the laboratory will be performing the transfer, then it will be the laboratory's responsibility to replace the barcodes with the new information for the Receiving PI and return the Donating PI’s old barcode to the deactivation box located in the animal room. If animals are moving to a new housing location, the laboratory will coordinate and perform the physical transfer of the animals. For an expiring protocol, the laboratory will cross off both the protocol number and the expiration date for the expired protocol and write the renewal protocol number and expiration date on the cage card. No charges will occur for a laboratory transfer.
If ULAM will be performing the transfer, then ULAM will be responsible for all changes, including the physical transfer of the animals if necessary. Charges will occur for a ULAM transfer."
Approval emails on animal use forms will be sent by the UCUCA office and not generated by the eRAM system.
PIs can now manage their own appointment information using the Manage PI Information activity.


The ability to send Comments to UCUCA RCAs using the animal use form activity Add Comment has been removed.
The UCUCA office email address now displays correctly as
Protocol Species page conditional question corrected. "Confirm that animals will be reported at least monthly using the Animal Acquisition form or Animal Transfer form?" has been changed to
"Confirm that animals will be reported at least monthly using the Non-traditional Animal Acquisition form."
The RCA Inbox lister "Amendments in Pre-Approval" is corrected to display the amendment RCA instead of the protocol RCA, which may be different.
The UCUCA Report called 'Person Protocol Search' has been corrected so that Personnel who have been removed from protocols do not show up on the report.
Internal department role audit conducted and data updated.
Funding amendment changes are now displaying correctly on View Differences.


The activity Maintain Vendor Note now allows for ULAM Procurement to indicate that it is standing order and to enter a note. The activity is renamed to Maintain Vendor and Standing Order Notes.
The activities Enable and Disable Edits are available on the Animal Purchase and Notification of Delivery forms that are in the states of Animal Use ULAM Processing or Animal Use Complete for the role of ULAM Barcoding.
An action item is created and email notification generated for ULAM Accounting when a PI removes the use of another PI's shortcode from a protocol.
ULAM Procurement is now able to add use lines to the delivery schedule for Notification of Delivery forms that are in the state of Complete in addition to those in ULAM Processing.