eRAM Release 2.1.7

The following changes were included in the 2.1.7 release:

Animal Use Forms

The Animal Transfer Between UM Protocols and Transfer Rodents To/From Reuse Program form types now have 2 different "submit" activities.
When the form has been started and is ready for submission by the originating protocol PI or Authorized Signer, the new activity "Submit Form to Preliminary Review" is used to send the form to the finishing protocol personnel.
Then the finishing protocol PI or Authorized Signer will use the new"Submit Form to Final Review" activity after they (or an editor) has completed their portion of the form via an Update activity.
All non-transfer form types will continue to see the "Submit Form" activity since those types only involve one protocol.
The field used to "Describe enrichment that will be provided (e.g., social housing (rodents only), toys, treats)." on the Species page of the protocol has been expanded in size to allow for more text.

New Form Type!

The Shipping Export form is now available in eRAM for use. This form is used when animals need to be shipped out of the University.
The form is started using the Create Animal Use Form button located in the protocol workspace. This form can be started and submitted by the protocol PI, protocol Authorized Signers and/or protocol Editors. Email notifications are sent upon form submission, submission of requested changes, and approval. Please note that the paper version of the form will no longer be accepted by ULAM.

PI/Lab Personnel

When a shortcode is activated or deactivated by the ULAM Accounting office, an email notification will be sent to the PI(s) with a list of all protocols that are associated with the shortcode. Future functionality will include adding the shortcode managers to the recipient list.
The Change PI amendment functionality now allows the "new" PI to submit and edit the amendment. This allows for situations where the previous PI is no longer accessing eRAM.

Reports for UCUCA, ULAM, and Report Viewers

Purchase Summary Report (ULAM): This report allows for the bulk printing of Purchase Summaries for Purchases and Notifications of deliveries. This report can be accessed via the Animal Use Reports folder.
report - Animal Use - UCUCA only notes Report (UCUCA): This report displays UCUCA only notes and is accessible in the Animal Use Reports folder.