eRAM Release 2.1.17

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.17 release:

PI/Lab Personnel

Principal Investigators and Authorized Signers now have the ability to submit Animal Use Forms (and submit changes to Animal Use Forms) directly from the end of the applicable form.  The Submit Form activity is still available in the Animal Use Form Workspace, as well.

Submit Form button displays at bottom of animal use form.

A link to the recently approved UM Rodent Breeding Policy has been added to the top of the Procedure Details - Breeding page of the protocol.

An error causing the Cancel and Close activities to not be recorded on the Recent Activity list in the Protocol Workspace has been fixed.


Shortcode data stored in M-Pathways Financials will now feed to eRAM in real-time.  This means that whenever shortcode information is modified in M-Pathways, the changes will immediately be reflected in eRAM.

When adding or updating shortcodes, data obtained from M-Pathways Financials (PGN, PGN PI, PGN SAPOC, etc.) will now display with the corresponding shortcode if the data is available.
Users can no longer manually enter a shortcode when adding a new shortcode in eRAM. The user must now select the shortcode from a list of available shortcodes. For more details, see the Manage Shortcodes step by step procedure.

Reports for UCUCA, ULAM, and Report Viewers

New SSRS Report Added:

Facility with No Active Protocols Report (R33) - This report allow the users perform analysis on Facilities with NO protocols and/or No Active Protocols (there is one row per Facility in the result set).

Euthanasia Methods and Agents Report (R31) - This report allow the users to perform analysis on the Euthanasia for Compliance, this is 2 reports in one (one for the individual Species/Procedure/Method and the other for Protocol/Species Animal Numbers).


The Commission Facility and Decommission Facility activities in the Facility Workspace are now available for individuals with the UCUCA RCA role.

The Request Animal Purchase through ULAM and  Notify ULAM of Animal Delivery USE Forms are no longer editable once in a state of USE Complete.  The Enable Edits activity is only available in the state of ULAM Processing.

Department Reviewers

An error causing Department Review Reminder notifications to be sent for some expired amendments and protocols has been fixed.

ITS Service Center

A Help Desk role and associated Home Workspace are now available in eRAM. The Home Workspace includes a Shortcode Info tab.