eRAM Release 2.1.23

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.23 release:

PI/Lab Personnel

The Shortcode Transfer Request Action Item workspace now displays the protocols associated with the "old" shortcode.

PAM Schedule Modified email notifications will now include the PI's last name.
The AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia found on the Procedure Details - Euthanasia page have been updated.

The help text at the top of the Alternatives section of the protocol/application has been updated to include the following:

"For assistance with your alternatives literature search, email Marisa Conte (, Research Informationist at the UM Taubman Health Sciences Library. This service is free and confidential."



Users with the ULAM Procurement role will no longer maintain the list of per diem rates. The per diem rates list will now be maitained by users with the ULAM Cost Admin role.