eRAM Release 2.1.25

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.25 release:



Action Items associated with a Short Code Transfer Request now display all protocols associated with the old and the new shortcode.

A new Shortcode Maintenance Request Action Item is now available to ULAM Accounting.  This type of Action Item is directed to PIs & Shortcode Managers in order to request verification or change of shortcode information.
Additional fields have been added to the Shipping Use Forms (Import and Export) in order to allow ULAM Quarantine to capture additional information.
Users with the ULAM Cost Admin role can now maintain the Variable Rate Indicator and Variable Unit Cost Limit when adding/updating cost types.

The Cancel Department Review activity is now available to UCUCA RCA users for protocols and amendments in any of the following states.

Protocol Approved, Application Withdrawn, Protocol Suspended, Protocol Expired, Protocol Cancelled

AME Approved, AME Withdrawn, AME Denied

When updating Cost Types, if the user does not enter a value in the Service Charge Default Rate field before clicking OK or OK and Add Another, the following error displays (text has changed).

“Service charge default rate is required.”
The Maintain ULAM Data activity now has an option for users to select if they want the facility to Display on ULAM room list.  This information also displays on the ULAM Info tab in the Facility Workspace (view only).

PI/Lab Personnel

If the euthanasia method indicated on a protocol or amendment is no longer active, the system will now display a validation error.  Users must then select a valid euthanasia method to continue.

The following clarifying information now displays with the Add Comments activity for Animal Use Forms:

“NOTE: To cancel an order that has been approved, please use the Create Action Item button on the form workspace.  Comments cannot be used to cancel an order.”

Users can now maintain Species + Classification information for Euthanasia Methods.
Users now have a “Culled Animals” option when selecting the form type on an Animal Use Adjustment form.  The question “Indicate the date of the non-eRAM animal use form” has been changed to reflect the new option:  “Indicate the date of the non-eRAM animal use form OR the date animals were culled.”