eRAM Release 2.1.30

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.30 release:



When updating an Animal Purchase or Notify ULAM of Delivery animal use form, the Disable Edits activity will now recalculate the number of changes needed.

When changes are made to the Include in QAF Candidate, Include in QAF Calc or Include in QAF Notes fields while updating a shortcode, it will be recorded in a History of Changes list that has been added to the activity window.

PI/Lab Personnel

An error allowing some protocols with internal funding to be approved, despite having required application questions left incomplete, has been fixed.

When completing a Notify ULAM of Delivery animal use form, if the user indicates that ULAM is caring for the animals, only rooms that ULAM scans will display on the location list.

If the room you wish to select is on your protocol but does not display in the location list, please call ULAM.