eRAM Release 2.1.31

The following changes will be included in the 2.1.31 release:



A new ULAM USE Adj Admin has been added to eRAM. Users with this role can perform adjustments on Animal Use forms.

Users with the ULAM Barcoding role can now only perform adjustments for animal culling.

Users with the ULAM Procurement role can now only perform adjustements against if they relate the adjustment to an Animal Purchase USE form or Notification of Delivery USE form.

A new Department Details Custom Search Report has been added to the New Department Reports folder.
All Custom Search Reports that reference a USDA year have now been changed to reflect the 2014 USDA year.

PI/Lab Personnel

When selecting a shortcode for a Shortcode Transfer Request, the system will now only display shortcodes that are active in M-Pathways.

When completing Shortcode Transfer Request details, users will now be asked to select a date range instead of entering the number of billing periods they want corrected. Users may not go back further than 120 days.

Verbage has been changed in OSEH reminder email notifications to address confusion about notification recipients and associated tasks. Some recipients recieve these notifications becasue they are carbon copied (CC) on the email, but are not required to perform a task.