eRAM Release 3.0.1

The following changes will be included in the 3.0.1 release:



ULAM Barcoding will no longer receive email notifications when a Specialty Action Item has been assigned to them.

ULAM Accounting will no longer get Action Items when a shortcode is added to the system, or when a protocol can no longer use a shortcode.

Shortcodes on the Manage Shortcodes tab in the ULAM Accounting workspace will now be listed in numerical order.
The Mass Operations tab (blue navigation bar at top of workspace) has been enhanced to display more information for ULAM users.
The Search Protocol Transactions list on the Animal Numbers and Transactions tab in the protocol workspace now includes columns for Barcode and Mass Operations.

Additional questions now display when creating a new facility via the New Facility button: "Is room number assigned?" and "Inspection Group"

A Deselect All option has been added to the Discard Remaining Converted Barcode Stickers activity in the Breeding Sheets Action Item workspace.
ULAM Barcoding is now able to edit Request Breeding Sheet Action Items.
ULAM Barcoding can now execute cage card activities from the Cage Activities tab in their home workspace.
Instructional text has been added to the Add Comment activity window in the Action Item workspace.
Users with the ULAM Vet Resident role will now be able to view Cage Information.
ULAM Procurement now has the ability to generate mulitiple additional Cage Cards simultaneously rather than only one at a time.
The Update Cage Information activity is now available for cages in the state of Generated for use in updating the quantity of animals per cage.

PI/Lab Personnel

When requesting Quick Cards or Breeding Sheets, a new window will now open allowing the user to complete the request while the protocol workspace remains open in the original window. An optional Comments field has also been added to the activity window.

When selecting a shortcode for Quick Cards or Breeding Sheets requests, the shortcodes will now be listed in numerical order.

Quick Card reqeusts from Animal Use forms now allows the user to enter an Activation Date in the future.
All uploaded documents now display on the Documents tab in the protocol workspace.
An optional Comments field has been added to the activity window when requesting Breeding Sheets and Quick Cards.
Selecting a date of more than 90 days prior for Funding Transfer and Shortcode Transfer requests will no longer result in an error preventing completion of the request. However, if the selected date is more than 90 days prior, the system will require the user to attach FIN approval documents to the request.