eRAM Release 3.1

The following changes will be included in the 3.1 release:


All Users

Workspace lists now display the total number of items on the lower left, as well as a page/total pages count at the bottom center.

View of list with total number of items and total pages shown at bottom


PI/Lab Personnel

New Functionality! An Export button has been added to the Protocol Charges list on the Charge Information tab in the protocol workspace, allowing you to download a CSV file containing all of your submissions and charges.

Some textual changes regarding location changes have been applied to the Transfer Rodents To/From Reuse Program Animal Use Form and the associated Animal Use Form workspace.
The species enrichment question on the protocol Species page has been reworded slightly to read "Describe enrichment that will be provided (e.g., toys, treats, bedding material, etc...)."



In the new upgrade environment, the barcode font used in the barcode reports will display as numbers/charts instead of as barcodes. This behavior is expected when using (IE9 and up). However, the barcode should print properly.