eRAM Release 3.1.12

The following changes will be included in the 3.1.12 release:



The View Differences option has been removed from the amendment workspace for amendments in the state of Approved.

Users should navigate to the corresponding protocol in order to view changes made to it after the amendment approval by following these steps:

1.) Click the protocol link (PRO0000XXXX) that displays next to the protocol's title in the ammendment workspace.

Approved Amendment workspace showing link to protocol workspace next to protocol title

2.) Click View Differences in the protocol workspace.

View Differences option shown in protocol workspace

3.) Select the appropriate version of the protocol from the drop-down menu.

Versions drop-down menu shown after clicking view differences in protocol workspace

PAFs in the state of Finance-Sponsored Programs Processing now display on the Backward Congruency Review PAFs tab. This tab displays after clicking PAFs in the top blue banner.

PAFs option displays in top blue banner of workspaces

When viewing the Comments tab in the protocol or amendment workspace, the magnifying glass icon displayed next to comments, allowing users to view additional details, has been removed.
Trade Name now displays as a column in several Agent choosers located in the following Protocol/Procedures: AANBT; Eutanasia; Hazardous Agents