eRAM Release 3.1.25

The following changes will be included in the 3.1.25 release:



A new Internal Funding Dept ID Is Not Approved for Animal Research list detailing protocols listing interal funding with Dept IDs not approved for animal research has been added to the Manage Department Details tab of the UCUCA Office workspace.

PI/Lab Personnel

When the following Animal Use Forms are copied, the Use Form numbers (copied to and copied from) can now be viewed on the Details tab.

  • Transfer Rats To/From Reuse Program
  • Non-Traditional Animal Acquisition
  • Request Animal Purchase Through ULAM
  • Complete Shipping Import Form
  • Complete Shipping Export Form
  • Transfer Animals Between UM Protocols
When an Animal Use Form is copied, internal documents that have been added by ULAM are no longer copied to the new Use Form.

The Manage PI Lab Notes activity has been added to the following Animal Use Forms:

  • Complete Shipping Form Import
  • Complete Shipping Form Export
  • Non-Traditional Animal Acquisition
  • Transfer Animals Between UM Protocols
  • Donating and Receiving as Starting Protocol
  • Transfer Rodents From Reuse Program
  • Transfer Rodents To Reuse Program
Email notifications are now sent to PIs and protocol editors when a protocol is submitted and/or approved or when an amendment is approved and the protocol has a controlled substance that is not associated to a Controled Substance Registration (CSR).
Controled Substance Registrant email notifications have been edited to reflect a change in address for submitting annual inventories.
Instructions have been added to the Location Information page of the protocol to direct lab personnel if a room is not found when searching.


A bug that prevented OSEH Reviewers from viewing Hazardous Agents on protocols has been fixed.