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Kudos 2006

At the 2006 Annual Banquet and Initiation Ceremony on April 4, 2006,
the following Junior and Senior Division students were honored
for their work presented at the Southeastern Michigan Science Fair in early March:

Senior Division

Aaron Maturen, Heritage High School and Remy & Pascal Carole, Saginaw Arts and Science Academy: "Socially Integrated Robots"

Steven Sun, Huron High School: "Killing lung cancer cells by reactivating p53 tumor suppressor"

Junior Division

Matthew Garber, Ann Arbor Christian School: "Daphnia on Drugs"

Grant Heil, Ida Middle School: "Is your fishing line as strong as it claims?"

Rachel Miller, Clague Middle School: "Lead in soil"

Michael Savage, Clague Middle School: "Testing short-term memory"

The following individuals were honored for fifty years of active membership in Sigma Xi:

1. Yuji Morita [present at banquet] served in the U. S. Army from 1944 - 1946, and after the war with assistance from the GI Bill he started Engineering at the U of M in 1949. He earned his masters degree in electrical engineering in 1950. He worked at the Willow Run Laboratory part time as a student and then full time after graduation. He worked on electrical warfare projects, navigation and radar projects along with other projects retiring in 1989. After retirement he consulted for awhile and now travels a little (Japan and different parts of the U.S.), reads a lot and watches sporting events. He likes U of M hockey, football and basketball and enjoys good health.

2. Professor Richard D. Alexander [present at banquet] is a graduate of Ohio State University, Ph.D. in Biology and Animal Behavior, 1956. He taught at the U of M for 43 years; teaching animal behavior 28 years and human behavior 12 years in that period. He retired in January, 2001. He is very busy writing books on subjects such as horse training, children's books and others. He owns a farm where he has 19 horses and he studies their behavior as a basis for his books. He also does the farming itself including harvesting the hay, etc. He is a member of the National Academy of Science and was awarded the Elliot Medal for Excellence in Biology. He was named Animal Behaviorist of the Year in 2002.

3. Lothar E. Geipel [unable to attend]

4. Dr. William G. Elliott [unable to attend] was a student at U of Mich 1950 - 1957 earning a BSEE in Communication and MSEE in Large Scale Systems. After graduation he moved to Massachusetts and became involved in large scale systems engineering for space programs, working on satellite early warning systems for ballistic missiles; ICBM's. In 1965 he started his own company in spectroscopic chemical analysis instrumentation with which he stayed for 10 years. This proved to be very successful and was eventually acquired by Beckman Instrument Company. He then went back to school at U of Mass at Amherst to earn a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (1987). He retired in 1990 and is now involved with water quality management, concentrating on drinking water reservoirs and distribution systems. He is busier than ever. His health is excellent and he is enjoying himself.

5. Frank Farley [unable to attend]

The following individual was given the Outstanding Science and Math Teacher of the Year Award, which is sponsored by a generous donation from Pfizer Global Research and Development, Ann Arbor Laboratories.

Ted Emch (Tappen Middle School, Ann Arbor). This teacher was nominated by one of his students. The Chapter is very grateful to Pfizer for their ongoing financial support of this Award.

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