These are the Verve Committees!!
Contact the directors for more information or if you would like to join.

Event Planning

Directors: Ashline Hermiz and Alyssa Lopez
Events Planning Committee is run by Ashline Hermiz and Alyssa Lopez. Events planning is in charge of our biggest event during the year. This event is a combined Silent Auction/Variety Show. The responsibilities of this group include soliciting businesses for auction-able items and contacting performance groups to participate in our variety show.

Health Events

Directors: Sam Antczak and Hilary Baruch
Health Events committee is run by Hillary Baruch and Samantha Antczak. This committee sets up our 5K walk/run. They organize our Health Days at elementary schools and also coordinate our efforts to partake in the Kids Fair which occurs at the end of the year. In addition to this they are responsible for crafts that Verve members make throughout the year at meetings which are donated to the hospital that we volunteer at.


Directors: Alex Chappell
Outreach Committee is run by Alex Chappell. This committee is in charge of designing our flyers, posters, and banners. They are also in charge of the running of our website, facebook, and soon to come twitter account.


Directors: Tessa Maynard
Social/Fundraising Committee is run by Tessa Maynard. This committee hosts our social functions and is also in charge of setting up fundraisers throughout the year which include restaurant fundraisers, bake-sales, and bar-nights. Bar-nights are where we make cheap food and go to the bars around closing time and we sell the food to the exiting costumers.