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The E-Board Members:

“We don't see these people as Latinos; they're just people who work hard and are trying to make their lives a little better. We wish we could show people who haven't experienced this just what that feels like.” - Madeline Conway

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Madeline Katie Natalia  
Madeline Conway
PALMA Secretary
Katie Cook
Primary and Secondary Education Coordinator
Natalia Espinoza
Pre-K Coordinator

Chloe Xenia Abby  
Chloé Gurin-Sands
Adult Education Coordinator
Xenia Okalibe
Abby Work
Community Events

Cristhian Espinoza
Cristhian Espinoza-Pino
UofM Faculty Member and PALMA Advisor
Beth Manuel
Ann Arbor District Library
Oliver Bichakjian