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"Tutoring is a very rewarding experience for me. To see a student eager to learn & show their happiness once they understand something, is a wonderful feeling." - Jessica Vera

Working with PALMA over the past two years has been one of the most worthwhile and rewarding experiences I’ve had here at the U. Not only does the program provide tutors the opportunity to practice both teaching and Spanish skills in a fun and friendly environment, it also gives you the chance to really get to know some amazing people and families. I’ve worked with a young man named Javier Osorio, who is now a sophomore at Huron High School. Although I knew Javi and his family before I joined PALMA, we’ve become much closer through this experience. When Javi and I meet together we mainly work on Math, Science, and English- going over what he’s doing in each class and working on homework assignments. But we also spend time just talking to each other. Some days we work on stuff individually. No matter what we do on any given day, Javi and I both agree that it is the regularity of meeting with each other twice a week that helps us to designate time to  studying and holds us accountable for coming prepared and staying on top of things. I always look forward to going to PALMA because it’s a chance to see a good friend, have some laughs, and help each other study. - Coert Ambrosino  Coert
"PALMA is not just tutors meeting to help students on an individual basis. together we are all a community, and we help each other, tutors can learn a lot from students as well...but basically palma is so much fun and such a unique and special opportunity! My experience at the UM would not be the same without it!" - Mandi Davidson Mandi