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Palma offers several differnt programs to help the Latin community in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

- The Pre-K program works with children ages three to six on an both on a group and individual level. Tutors and students spend the majority of their time together on the third floor "Free Space" where all participants have an opportunity to get to know one another and work cohesively. Tutors help their students develop basic English and Spanish skills including letters, numbers, shapes, and colors as well as practice writing their own names. Tutors often read and color with their students as a way of teaching them and making their lessons fun. At various points throughout the year, we organize group events and art projects to celebrate holidays and work as a group.

- Working with K-12 students involves strengthening their command of specific subjects, helping them prepare for tests or quizzes, and helping them with their homework. Students of this age group have a wide range of Spanish-speaking ability, and all levels of Spanish ability are welcome in a K-12 tutor. Working with this age group offers the unique opportunity to mentor students and encourage their future academic careers.