CBI Application Cover Sheet (pdf)

Contract for Trainee Appointment (pdf)

CBI Student Sabbatical Cover Sheet (pdf)

CBI Student Sabbatical Completion Report Cover Sheet (pdf)


Dear CBI Trainees,

All students that have been supported by the training grant must provide this information even if you are not presently being supported by training grant funds.

  • Title
  • Your name, years supported by CBI and research advisor.
  • A brief summary of the goals and importance of your project (a couple of paragraphs)
  • A brief summary of the achievements that you have made during the past academic year (up to a page, a figure or two can be included)
  • A brief summary of what you plan to work on for the following year (up to a page).
  • An estimated time for completion of your degree.
  • A list of any publications or presentations during the past year (remember that the CBI program should be acknowledged for support even if you are not being paid by the grant when the paper is submitted or published.)

In addition to the above information, if you are a 4th year student or beyond you should provide a paragraph describing your career objectives after you graduate and your immediate career plans upon graduation (do you have a postdoc or other job lined up yet? If so, where and doing what). All students within six months of projected graduation should give a detailed response to these issues.

If you joined the program after the student sabbatical was required, you should indicate whether your sabbatical has been completed, is in progress, has been approved or will be submitted to the program committee during the next year.