What's New - 6/17/09 (Version 1.3)

1. Grants.gov - New "Submission Pre-Check" Against Grants.gov Validation Rules

  • The Validate activity in eRPM Grants.gov/SF424 forms performs a level 1 validation.
    • Checks that all * Red Asterisk fields are complete.
    • Does NOT check Grants.gov validation rules (level 2 validation).
  • New "Submission Pre-Check" activity performs a level 2 (Grants.gov rule) validation.
    • To complete:
      1. Complete Grants.gov forms
      2. Validate Grants.gov forms (Required)
      3. Submission Pre-Check (Strongly Recommended)
        - Checks Grants.gov Validation Rules
      4. Generate PDF Version
      5. Finalize for DRDA (Required for DRDA to Submit to Grants.gov)
  • Learn More
    Grants.gov in eRPM Overview Presentation
    Grants.gov in eRPM Detailed Directions

2. Grants.gov - More Key Personnel Can Be Added

  • Grants.gov/SF424 forms in eResearch Proposal Management will now accept more than 7 Key Personnel as appropriate to the funding announcement.

3. Finalize Proposal

  • As always, PAFs can be routed for approval with administrative shell prior to the completion of the final sponsor proposal documents.
  • PI or Primary Research Administrator has a process in eRPM to note that a proposal is final & ready for submission to sponsor.
  • To clarify proposal finalization, some minor changes have been made to:
  • If you need more information on how to Finalize Your Proposal than the directions provided on screen, see:

4. PANs/PACs Available as PDFs

  • PANs/PACs are now available as PDF PDF files. [View Sample]
    • TIP: In the Project Workspace, click on the PDF PDF icon to open the PAN/PAC PDF.
  • PAN/PAC PDFs have version history. [View Sample]
    • TIP: In the Project Workspace, click on the number next to PDF icon to view the PAN/PAC version history.
  • To view attached award documents, use the VIEW rather than the PDF file. [View Sample]

    TIP: If you have a PAN/PAC that contains a link to a website that does not look like a clickable link, but you can:
    -- Hold the "Control" key while clicking the link.
    -- Copy & paste the link in a web browser.
    [View Sample]

  • Learn more about PANs/PACs

5. Hardship Request Process Added in eRPM

6. Unit Review Email Notification Issue Fixed

  • When a new department was added after a PAF was routed for approval to departments (units), the email notification contact for the newly added department was not receiving email notifications.
  • This issue has been fixed effective 6/17/2009.
  • Learn more about email notifications from eRPM

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